Dallas Open GT

You can download the Dallas Open GT mission back can HERE!

General Rules

  • All models and wargear must be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).  Proxies are not allowed.

  • Models not produced by Games Workshop, as well as significant conversions must be approved prior to event.

  • Models do not need to be painted, but must be fully assembled with all of the appropriated pieces and properly based.  (Remember that painting will be judged and contribute to final score).

  • Armies that contain any models that do not meet a 3 color paint minimum (No, 2 colored dots do not count) will receive a -2 to the roll deciding who goes first.

  • You must bring any relevant books or electronic versions of all rules for your army, and make them available to your opponents.

  • Warlords must be annotated on the list.

  • Models and bases do not need to be the current version of the model, but you can never gain an advantage from having a different size base or model.

  • We will be utilizing the ITC Code of Conduct Link

  • We will be utilizing the ITC rules for chess clocks.  Link

Army composition guidelines

2000 points, maximum 3 detatchments

  • Per the matched play rules, armies must be battle-forged, and you cannot create an army list containing more than a total of 3 of the detachments listed in the main rulebook on Pg. 242-245.

  • All Games Workshop & Forgeworld 8th Edition Warhammer 40K source material released 30 days prior to the tournament will be in effect. This includes Chapter Approved updates.  Dallas Open reserves the right to include material released after the 30 day mark.

  • Shadowspear material is legal for this event

List Submission Rules

  • Army list must be submitted via Best Coast Pairings by 4/5/19.

  • To simplify the process, please use the format utilized in Battlescribe as shown below.

    • Minimal output

    • flattened force layout

    • all costs included

    • no profiles

    • no rules

    • no custom names

    • no categories

    • title and totals

  • You will then copy and paste the text to your BCP app

  • You may find this video tutorial useful.  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=846399888895657&id=585479928320989&_rdr

  • Alternatively, you may elect to not utilize Battlescribe when submitting your list.  Rules for manual list generation are found here Link.

  • The Dallas Open is not responsible for the accuracy of your list.  If your list is found to be illegal or formatted incorrectly, you may be penalized up to and including disqualification from the tournament.

  • Lists uploaded after the list submission deadline will receive a yellow card.  If your list is not submitted prior to the start of the tournament, you will be disqualified.


Tournament Scoring

  • Our tournament will be scored as per ITC standard guidelines:

  • 1,000 Tournament Points + Battle Points for a Win

  • 500 Tournament Points + Battle Points for a Tie

  • 0 Tournament Points + Battle Points for a Loss

  • This format will determine pairings for you where W/L/D record is a primary. Players are paired in descending order, with the two highest scores playing one another, then 3rd and 4th highest scores, etc., working your way down the rankings. Please note, the Best Coast Pairings app will automatically default to this scoring structure for you if you use it.

Paint Scoring

  • 0 points – the army is unpainted or has less than 3 colors

  • 5 points – the army is painted in at least 3 colors and based

  • + 5 points – effort was put into painting the army (ie you didn’t just spray paint 3 different colors)

  • + 2 points – the army looks like a coherent fighting force even if different elements of the army are from different factions (matching bases, campaign badges, unit markings etc.)

  • + 1 point – the army is based cohesively

  • + 1 point – base work on the army is exceptional (painted resin bases, use of

  • multiple flock, pretty much anything other than painted sand)

  • + 2 point – the paint job features a highlight or shadow

  • + 1 points – the paint job features multiple shadows or highlights

  • + 2 points – this army has something special that makes it stand out from the rest (NMM, weathering, freehand, conversion etc) 

  • + 1 point – this army is truly exceptional and will be in the running for Best Painted

    20 points max. Most players should receive at least 10 points.  


  • We will be using ITC 2018 missions


if you have a question, please reach out to us for an official ruling

Q: I have some custom made models, where would I sent pictures for approval?

A: Model pics can be sent to dallasopengt@gmail.com for approval. 

Q: Are warlord traits and Chapter Tactics fixed for the entire tournament or can they change between games rounds?

A: Chapter Tactics are fixed for the entire tournament.  They cannot be swapped between rounds.  Warlord Traits, Powers, and Relics may be selected at the beginning of each game.

Q: Are duplicate detachments allowed? Ie can I take 2 brigades? 

A: Yes, duplicate detachments are allowed.

Q: Will we be using the 2019-2020 seasonal deployment in the ITC packet?

A: No, we will be not be using the seasonal deployment for mission 2, 4, 6.

Q: Is basing required as part of the painting criteria?

A: Yes, model should be based, or glued onto a clear base.

Q: What are the terrain rules for the new ziggurats?

A: Ziggurats should be counted as ruins per the BRB.  Models may move across ramps, but may not end their move on a ramp.  Models with the vehicle or titanic keyword may not be deployed or move onto ziggurats.  Flyers that begin or end their move on a ziggurat immediately crash.  Vehicles may claim a cover save if they are more than 50% obscured by the ziggurat, regardless of being in terrain.  The vehicle must be within 1” of the ziggurat to claim cover.

Q: Can Genestealer Cult utilize stratagems to pull units off the table during deployment, then cult ambush those units first turn?

A: Yes

Q: Are the Beta rules for Custodes allowed at the Dallas Open?

A: No, this is to prevent Colin from winning.




For rules questions:

To get a judge ruling for this event, please fill out this form and we will post our official ruling on this page.