The Narrative guys

General Rules

  • All models and wargear must be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).  Proxies are not allowed.

  • Models not produced by Games Workshop, as well as significant conversions must be approved prior to event.

  • Armies that contain any models that do not meet a 3 color paint minimum (No, 2 colored dots do not count) will receive a -2 to the roll deciding who goes first.

  • You must bring any relevant books or electronic versions of all rules for your army, and make them available to your opponents.

  • Warlords must be announced on the list.

  • No “play as” armies, faction key words must match modeling. This includes custom chapters playing as canonical chapters.

  • No fortifications.


army composition guidelines

  • 1 Battalion detachment (battle-forged) with power level greater than 100.

  • Individual mission will determine power levels of your army at game time. You may or may not use your whole force. example mission levels are 50, 75, 100, or 125 power level.


For further details and how factions work please see the following



For rules questions:

To get a judge ruling for this event, please fill out this form and we will post our official ruling on this page.